Sanctuary Homeless Refuge

(formerly known as The Bridge Bunch)

We are a very loosely organized group of people committed to our houseless friends under the Jefferson Street Bridge near downtown Nashville, Tennessee.  Our goal is to provide food, clothing, and assistance on a daily basis under the bridge.  We are not an “organization” or a church.  We are just a group of people working together for a common goal.  We don’t have a “board of directors.”  We have no desire to be that organized.  We simply want to help those who could use some encouragement …  and some food.   Come and join us!


    We are serving food every day.
    The times are always changing.


    The homeless are being moved around almost daily. Please contact us to find out our current locations.


    We would love to have your help! We always need food, supplies, cooks (we have food but need help preparing it) – and a friendly face! Contact us here (select the “Homeless Refuge” subject option).

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