Day 23 Devo - Be Honest

Harboring sin in our hearts will always hinder our relationship with the Lord, and keep us from being filled with the Holy Spirit.  Many times when we harbor sin we actually don't see it. Our hearts are chronically deceitful, and we often fool ourselves. We keep ourselves from really examining the sin that dwells in us. We aren't being honest with ourselves!

"The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind..."  (Jeremiah 17:9-10a)

The Lord wants to reveal the things in our hearts which hinder us from the close personal fellowship of the Spirit's filling. Without His searching of our true motivations, we are completely blind to what we're truly made of. We must let Him lead us to realize and repent of the things that grieve Him. He'll overcome those things if we'll honestly confess and surrender them to Him.  The important question to ask is, "Why don't we let the Spirit do His revealing and cleansing work? Whey do we refuse to honestly look at the things He is showing us?"

One big reason for our evasion of God's searching and purifying work is fear. We're afraid that if we really look at the wickedness that dwells in us, we will not find enough forgiveness and grace to overcome it. We're afraid that looking at this ugly monster will be the death of us. We imagine that we will be left in the depths of utter despair to suffer and die. This is simply not trusting God. God has promised that He will always forgive and cleanse us from sin whenever we are willing to confess it!

Point to Ponder:

Read I John 1:9 and then act on it! Be honest with God (and yourself) about your sin. His is faithful!