Day 19 Devo - Spirit Filled Unity

In Acts, chapters 2 & 4, there were certain effects of the filling of the Spirit. One effect was that the Spirit brought great unity and love among the disciples. Looking at the unity of many "Spirit- filled" people today, it makes you wonder...

Today there are many different ideas about the filling of the Spirit and what the results are. Some believe that the Spirit-filled person should worship with excitement and emotion; others demand a quiet and organized discipline in their worship. Having different ideas is not a problem! The problem is that too many people want to fight about it! Sometimes the arguments can get pretty ridiculous. Some teach that if you don't speak in other tongues you can't really be filled; others teach that the gift of tongues today comes from demons! I think we're seriously missing the point.

The real fruit of the Spirit is love and unity. Nowhere in the Bible do we see the filling of the Spirit causing all the believers to argue and fight like children. Nowhere do we see the Spirit leading believers to despise others and go to war to prove them wrong. We see that the coming of the Holy Spirit broke down all the barriers between the believers and brought great love and unity among them. As a result, the world saw the love of Jesus displayed in the believers' lives and knew that He was real!

Point to Ponder:

Today the world doesn't see the love and unity of the Spirit in many believers. Our fighting about Spirit-filling today would seem damnable to the early believers. And it seems pretty stupid to anyone today who really knows the filling of the Holy Spirit! The true test of Spirit-filing is the love and unity the believers display! Those who are causing fights and divisions in Christ's body over personal opinions still have a long way to go.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love...Keep in step with the Spirit.  (Galatians 5:22a, 25b)