Day 18 Devo - The Apostle Peter

We talked in our day 16 devo about the new power the apostles received to be witnesses. Today let's look a little closer at the apostle Peter. Before the indwelling of the Spirit, this man could always be counted on to say or do the dumbest things. Even when Peter said or did something very right, he usually followed it up with something very wrong. Let's look briefly at two incidents:

(1) Early in His ministry, Jesus once asked the disciples who they thought He was. Peter replied that He was the Christ, Son of the Living God. Jesus then told Peter that it was the Father who had shown him this. This probably left Peter feeling like he could do no wrong. Soon after, Jesus predicted His death and resurrection.  Peter rebuked Him, saying that it would never happen! (Matthew 16:13-27)

(2) On the night of His arrest, Jesus predicted that all the disciples would betray Him. Peter told Jesus He was wrong, and swore that even if everyone else betrayed Him, he would not. Peter even said he was ready to die with Him! But before morning, Peter had become the greatest traitor of them all, publicly denying three times that he even knew Jesus! (Matthew 26:31-35 & 69-75)

There's a wonderful ending to this story of a foolish and frightened man. When the Holy Spirit filled Peter, he was miraculously changed! Peter became one of the boldest and most faithful witnesses of all the apostles, testifying fearlessly before rulers and authorities, and rejoicing to be worthy to suffer for the Lord's sake! When Peter was finally crucified for his faith around 64 A.D., he insisted on being crucified upside-down, saying that he was not worthy to die in the same fashion as his beloved Lord. This was not the same man. The old man Peter had already died many years before. The real Peter joyfully stepped through the doorway into eternity, into the glorious Presence of the One he had loved for so long.

Point to Ponder:

Are you more like the old Peter or the new? Do you see this transforming power in your own life? Have you been filled with the Spirit? Are you praying to be filled?