Day 13 Devo - Insurmountable Odds

We see many times throughout the Bible that God worked great miracles in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. When it seemed there was no chance of victory, God showed His sovereign power and glory clearly.

God didn't just wait for the odds to be stacked against His people to show His Spirit's power in their lives - He often greatly stacked the odds against them purposely! He wanted His people to have no choice but to completely trust Him, knowing they had no chance of victory without Him. He also wanted the victories He gave them to be indisputably miraculous, so that the people could never say later that they had done it themselves by their own power and wisdom. There are many examples of God stacking the odds this way and then blowing away the competition! Just to list them all would take some time.

One great example to study is that of the man Gideon. Gideon was a man who realized that He was nothing without God's power. Compare God's assessment of Gideon with Gideon's assessment of Himself:

"The Lord is with you, mighty warrior." - God (Judges 6:15)

"But can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Mannasseh, and I am the least in my family."   - Gideon (Judges 6:15)

Gideon's assessment of Himself was true. But God's assessment was also true! God saw something that Gideon did not yet see. God saw what Gideon would become in the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

Then the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon... (Judges 6:34a)

Next, notice the odds against Gideon and the men of Israel. The enemy armies numbered at least 135,000 men (Judges 8:10). In contrast, the men of Israel which responded to Gideon's call to battle numbered 32,000. Although these odds were already pretty poor, the Lord told Gideon that he had too many men. God was making sure Israel would no boast about their great victory, but that they would glorify Him. God purposely stacked the odds against them, still victory was absolutely impossible by human power.

Read Judges 7:1-8.

After God got done whittling down Gideon's army of men, they numbered only 300! Think about it - 300 men against an army of 135,000! What kind of person would face those insurmountable odds?  The answer is clear - Only the one who completely trusted the Word that God had spoken, and who was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit!

Point to Ponder:

In our lives we'll often run into situations where insurmountable odds face us. But if we know that God is leading and directing us, we also know that He will give us the victory through the power of the Holy Spirit in us! Remember Jesus' words about the Holy Spirit in John 16:14: "He will bring glory to Me..." The Spirit often glorifies Jesus in our lives by teaching us to trust Him in the impossible situations. To really help us learn these lessons well, He often stacked the odds against us before He gives us the victory. He wants us to know that we didn't overcome by our own power or wisdom!  What kind of person will face the insurmountable odds? The answer is clear - only the one who completely trusts the Word of God, and is filled with the Holy Spirit!