Day 9 Devo - Everywhere I Go I See You!

"Everywhere I go I see you."   These profound words from a beautiful song point to an important reality.  To those who's eyes have been opened by the Holy Spirit, God's glory can be seen everywhere, and His Presence known in every situation. David also knew this wonderful perception of God's Presence through the Hold Spirit...

Where can I go from Your Spirit? Where can I flee from Your Presence? (Psalm 139:7)

David then went on to say that everywhere he went, God was there.  We know certainly that God is ever-present, and that through the Holy Spirit, He is always with us. Why then do we realize His Presence so little of the time? Why don't we see Him everywhere we go, in everything we do? To answer these questions, we need to ask ourselves another question: How are we looking for Him?

If a detective was assigned to go out to the streets to find a missing person, the first thing he would do is to learn all he

could about the one he was searching for. He would need to know what activities he was involved in, etc. He would get as much information as he could to help him recognize the person he sought.  A smart detective would solicit the help of someone who personally knew the missing person. The personal friend can recognize their loved one much quicker that the person who only knows of them.  There's no way to "learn" the bond of a personal friendship.

Point to Ponder:

It is important to learn all we can about God - who He is, what He does, what He feels ... But most importantly, we must know Him personally through the Holy Spirit. Then we won't be looking for Someone we have only heard about or studies; we'll be looking for a familiar Friend, One who we know intimately. When we know Him that well, we'll be able to recognize His Presence anywhere, and say also; "Everywhere I go I see You."