Day 5 Devo - The Spirit is Moving

The Holy Spirit is the All-powerful God in motion.  The Spirit is always active, always working, always moving. He is never idle.

Remember that the Holy Spirit is like the wind in many ways. The wind is completely beyond our control. We cannot decide which direction the wind will come from, or how hard it will blow. All we can do is study the wind's movement, and try to learn from it. But control it?  Never.

Although we cannot control the wind, we can take advantage of the wind's awesome power. We can use the force of the wind to produce energy to accomplish many things. But we can only use the wind's power in the direction it is already blowing. The wind will not alter its direction to suit our purposes.

A great example of this truth is seen when studying a sailboat. The wind will not take the boat in any direction the boat wishes to go.  If the boat tried to sail into the wind, the wind would only blow the boat backwards. For the boat to harness the wind's great power to propel it, it must travel in a direction that is harmonious with the wind's direction. The more directly the boat travels in the direction the wind is blowing, the more power the boat will have behind it, and the faster it will go.

Point to Ponder:

The Spirit is like the wind, and we are like sailboats. As we steer in the direction the Spirit is moving, He empowers us and activates us. But we cannot expect the Spirit to always take us wherever we want to go! We must learn where and how the Spirit is moving, and then move in the same direction He is! When we're led by the Spirit, we experience God's awesome power in our lives.

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you..."     - Jesus   (Acts 1:8a)