Day 4 Devo - Aware of His Presence

"... He will testify about Me."    - Jesus  (John 15:26b)

The Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus Christ. He constantly reminds us and convinces us of who Jesus is, and testifies that Jesus is present. This is the Spirit's main ministry.

We've learned how important this ministry of the Holy Spirit is in bringing God's children to salvation. A historical record of Jesus cannot save anyone. The sinner must trust his eternal soul to the Living, All-powerful, and Ever-present Savior. The Holy Spirit reveals that Jesus is real, and that He is present.

As Christians, this ministry of the Holy Spirit is also crucial.  We need to know assuredly that Jesus Christ is with us every moment of every day. We must be constantly reminded and convinced of this truth, even though we already know it to be true.

In our temptations and trying times (we call these times "trials"), the difference between victory and defeat is knowing Jesus' Presence. Left to ourselves, we can only fail. With Jesus in control, we can have victory. Although Jesus is always present, we must know it and count on it. We won't trust Him if we don't believe His is there.

We should live our whole lives knowing Jesus is present. If you were standing before His throne in heaven in holy glory, would you tell a dirty joke? Would you use profanity? Of course not. Now think about the way you live when you're NOT in church. Would your actions grieve Jesus or bring Him joy? Would you do and say all the same things if you knew He was present?

Point to Ponder:

Jesus is present. Everywhere we go, and in everything we do, Jesus is there. He sees every action, hears every word, and knows every thought. As you pray today, ask the Spirit to reveal Jesus' Presence to you everyday, and to help you live your life knowing He is near!