Day 3 Devo - Conviction of Sin

When He comes, He will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment.     (John 16:8)

When we first believed in Jesus, it was the Spirit who convinced us that we were sinners unworthy of God's love. The Spirit convinced us of God's righteousness through Jesus' example. While Jesus was on the earth, He was the perfect standard of God's righteousness. As the Spirit now reveals this perfect righteousness of Jesus to us, we see our sin. The Spirit also convinces us of the absolute necessity that a pure and holy God must judge all unrighteousness. Nothing impure can dwell in His holy presence. In His perfect nature He must judge sin.

The beautiful gospel of God's love is that God Himself became a man in Jesus Christ His Son, and demonstrated the perfect standard of His righteousness, showing Himself to be sinless and undeserving of any judgment. Then Jesus willingly and lovingly accepted the guilt of all of our sins upon Himself, becoming sin for us, as the Father poured out all of His holy judgment for sin upon His own Son. Jesus bore God's judgment for our sin, the Righteous for the unrighteous, so that we would never be condemned. The price is paid. God's justice is satisfied. The Spirit convinces the world of these truths today.

Point to Ponder:

As Christians, we have truly escaped God's judgment. But the Spirit still convinces us of God's righteousness and our sin constantly.  It is very important to cooperate with His work in doing this. Even though our sin is ultimately paid for, willfully harboring sin in our minds and our hearts effectively breaks our fellowship with God. If we want to know God's Presence in our lives and enjoy intimate fellowship with Him. We must be willing to put away sin.  We must willingly judge our sin and put it to death whenever the Spirit reveals it. He will give us the power, if we will only let Him show us the sin that hinders us.