Day 12 Devo - As Little Children

The father of a child gives him life.  He loves the child, nourishes him, trains him, protects him, and provides for him while the child is still in his care.  But there comes a time when the father has given all he can, an he can no longer provide his child's needs.  The child must now provide his own needs, and seek his own desires.  The grown child leaves his father's household and his childhood behind.  Now, he must go out into the world and make his own way in life.  Perhaps he will marry and raise a family of his own.

Most children long for the day that they will finally be an adult, out on their own, with total freedom (so they think)!  It's not until later in life that many finally appreciate the true freedom of childhood.  Not until they feel its loss do they truly understand how precious it was.  For them, the beauty and wonder of childhood are just memories, elusive treasures that could not be held for long.  Soon they gracefully slipped through their fingers, and vanished forever.

• Read Mark 10:13-16.  Especially think about verse 15.

We must receive the kingdom of God as children because that's what we were created to be - God's children.  There is no place for the pride and arrogance of this world in God's kingdom.  Just like little children, we are completely dependent on our Father for everything.  Our whole lives and our eternal happiness rest in His hands alone.

Point to Ponder:

We are going to enjoy a wonderful eternal childhood that will never slip away.  we will never have to leave our Heavenly Father's home.  He will always be everything to us, fulfilling all of our needs and desires in ways that gloriously exceed our greatest expectations!  We will not have to take one single thought for any necessity.  There will be nothing to distract us from the excitement of discovering our awesome Father and exploring His greatness forever, as He completely dazzles and amazes us with His glory, and shows us fantastic mysteries!