Day 10 Devo - The Father's Discipline

Jesus called His followers "disciples," which means "one who is disciplined."  Discipline means training.  Some people tend to think of discipline as punishment.  Although punishment is sometimes involved in discipline, all discipline is certainly not punishment.

Our Father in heaven always has our best interests in mind, and His love for us motivates everything He does.  Sometimes the only way He can teach us a valuable lesson is the hard way.  This is never any fun at the time, and often we cannot possibly imagine what good will come from the experience  but our Father never does anything needlessly or by accident.  The things we are learning now are more important than we know.  They may even be a matter of life and death later on.

The father of a small child will immediately understand exactly what I am talking about.  Suppose a child had a tendency to try to run to a nearby freeway to play in the traffic.  The father knows he can waste no time in dealing with this destructive behavior, and it may require some strong fatherly discipline to break this habit.  The crying child only knows that he is upset from being corrected, but the wiser father sees the big picture.  He is discipling his child to save his life.

• Read Hebrews 12:5-11.  Take your time.  Notice the benefits of God's discipline in verses 10 &11.

Point to Ponder:

We face real spiritual hazards everyday that we often do not recognize.  Growing up as God's children, we are now learning to see these dangers and deal with them in the best way.  We still have a long way to go, and we need God's guidance and discipline desperately!  If we were left to ourselves to try to learn these important lessons, we'd never make it.  We'd be spiritual casualities!  Fortunately, your Father loves you way too much to let that happen!