Day 2 Devo - Beyond Understanding

...You thought I was altogether like you. -God (Psalm 50:21b)

Herein lies the problem in much of what is being taught about God today.  Many people think of God and teach about God as if He were altogether like a man.  He is not.  Many people feel like they should be able to understand God, and they work very hard trying to figure Him out.  Quite often these people actually end up changing God into something which they can understand.  In their pride they are not willing to let Him be greater than their understanding.  They are not willing to let Him be God.

You will undoubtedly hear some of these teachings that stem from a lower view of God, and you will soon see the difference in the lives of the people who believe these earthly ideas.  The less a person believes God to be, the less they will expect from Him, and the less they will really know the great God "I AM", who transcends all our reality.  These people are trying to know God through understanding, rather than through faith.  They may store up great knowledge, but they will not really know God.

Point to Ponder:

How great is God -  beyond our understanding!         (Job 36:26a)

It is much more exciting and encouraging NOT to be able to fully understand God.  If you could understand Him, He wouldn't be much of a God, would He?  but the truth is - we have not even begun to perceive how awesome and glorious our Father really is.  What do you think it will it be like when we finally see Him face to face?