Day 23 Devo - The Spirit Intercedes

Many times we don't know what our most important needs really are.  We may be praying for something that would end up hurting us in some way, without even knowing it. Often the things we think we need are not the things that would be best for us.  If God honored our faulty judgment and gave us exactly what we asked for all the time, we would be in serious trouble.  It would not be long before we had self-destructed.

In His love for us, God answers our prayers in the best possible way.  We may not understand why He answers us  in certain ways until much later in the future.  We may not understand some of these answers until the day when we see Him face to face.  But we know that His wisdom is perfect, and His love for us is limitless.  We must always trust that He knows best.  We can be sure that God will not let our own misunderstandings of what to pray for hurt us or the others we are praying for.

What about the times we need to pray, but we have no idea what to pray for?

One of the great ministries of the Holy Spirit in our lives is that of an intercessor.  The Spirit in us actually prays it for us when we don't know what to pray for.  He makes intercession for us according to the will of God.

• Read Romans 8:26-28.

Point to Ponder:

You  confidently pray to God even when you have no idea what to pray for!  The Holy Spirit is busy praying for all of your specific needs - physical, emotional, and spiritual!  You can lift your heart in prayer to your Father without even knowing the words to speak.  After all, prayer is more than just words - it is an attitude of heart!