Day 18 Devo - United in Prayer

We have seen how important it is to have private prayer time.  It is also important to pray with others!  Sometimes we need the support of someone else praying with us and for us.  And it is always a blessing to be able to pray for somone else.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.  The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.  (Jeames 5:16)

When James speaks of "a righteous man" in the verse above, he is speaking of those who are forgiven for their sin, and are now called righteous by God, because of Jesus' sacrifice.  (We know that there is nobody who is righteous in themselves, except Jesus!)  Our prayers as  Christians are now powerful and effective, especially when we agree in prayer with other  Christians.

Sometimes it is somewhat humbling to confess our sins and burdens to each other and accept each other's prayers.  But this truly is God's will for us, and it pleases Him.  We all need to have close friends that we can trust with our burdens, who can also trust us with their burdens.  It is a true privilege to be able to pray for another's needs.

Point to Ponder:

God wants us to pray with each other, and it is often through these prayers that He does great works in our lives!  Sharing our struggles with each other and supporting each other in temptations and trials is part of what being a  Christian friend is all about.  We should also share our victories, and rejoice with each other.  Both in good times and hard times, God loves for us to pray together!

Do you have any prayer partners yet?  If not ask God to give you someone to pray with.  You will soon find that praying with Christian friends is a huge blessing!