Day 17 Devo - Persistent Prayer

We have seen the way Jesus used parables to explain  spiritual principles to His  followers.  Jesus also used a parable to teach His disciples the importance of pesistence in prayer.

• Read Luke 18:1-8.

Jesus shows us that even an unjust judge who cared nothing at all about us could eventually be persuaded to answer a request, if we were extremely persistent.

God our Father is concerned about  us constantly, in every way, and there is no injustice in Him.  He will always answer us, although sometime we must wait for a while.  In His wisdom He is doing things  in the best way, and at the best time, for our own good.

Point to Ponder:

Since we have this confidence that  God fully wants to answer us and will answer us, and He is always just, how much more should we be persistent in prayer to God than we would be to the unjust judge?  If the unjust will answer you, surely your loving Heavenly Father can be relied upon to answer you!  Some Christians do not pray as much as they should, because they really aren't sure that God is going to answer them.  After praying for a while, and not seeing the answer they want, they just give up!  It is important to rememmber that God's  timing is not always our timing.  God is always faithful to answer His children's prayers in the best way, and at the best time.  You should keep on praying! In I Thessalonians 5:17, Paul tells you: Pray continually!