Day 12 Devo - Already Clean!

"Sanctify them by the truth.  Your Word is truth."  -Jesus praying to the Father (John 17:17)

Every day God's Word is working in our lives to make us holy and devoted to our Lord.  This is a life-long process, and it is not always an easy one.  Our biggest encouragement is knowing exactly how the battle ends - we win!  One day the fight will be over and we will stand perfect before our  Father forever.  God already see the end of His work in us.  In His eternal eyes, we are already clean!

"You are already clean because of the  Word I have spoken to you."  -Jesus (John 15:3)

Point to Ponder:

Although you will never be perfect while you are still on this earth, and you will often require God's cleansing, yet in God's eyes you are already clean through His Word!  God now attributes Jesus' righteousness to you just  because you believe and trust in His Word!  It is very imortant to realize this, so that you don't become discouraged when you see the areas in your life that He is still  cleansing.  Even though you may have a long way yet to go, God sees the end of the battle.  He  sees the day when you will stand before Him in glory, made perfect forever!  The victory is so certain that Jesus tells us:  "You are already clean because of the Word . . ."