Day 4 Devo - Choked by life's cares

• Read the "Parable of the Sower" in Luke 8:4-15 again.  Today we're going to consider the seed that fell among thorns.

Those that fell among thorns are those who are choked with the many distractions of this world.  Although the  Word has been planted in their hearts, there are also many other thorns and weeds planted there that will choke out God's Word and keep it from growing.  The worthless plants steal the nutrients that the good plant needs.  The good plant does not mature or produce fruit.

The thorns growing in our hearts can be many different kinds of distractions.  The worries and cares of this life can easily steal our attention and become priority if we are not careful. The craving for material gain has also been a major problem for many who tried to follow God.  Although possessions in themselves are not good or bad, the love of money and love of possessions is extremely harmful.  These thorns are strong distractions in our relationship with the Lord.  The craving for worldly plearsures is also a nasty breed of thorn bush.

Point to Ponder:

There are many kinds of thorns that can choke you in your Christian growth and prevent you from maturing and producing fruit.  Always be alert and ask God to show you the cares of this life that may be ready to destroy you!  Seek God first, and He will weed out the world's cares and evil desires from your heart, so His Word can grow, and produce fruit in your life!