Day 3 Devo - Shallow Roots

Jesus told a parable where He portrayed the Word of God as a seed which is planted on various kinds of ground.

• Read the "Parable of the Sower" in Luke 8"4-15. Pay close attention to the four examples in this parable.

If you have become a Christian and received God's Word, you are certanly not one of those along the path who had the Word taken from your heart by the devil!  The Word has been planted in your heart, and has begun to grow.  Nevertheless, the other examples in this parable have much to teach us about receiving God's Word.

Today we will look at the seed that fell on the rocky ground.  This part of the parable has two different applications, and they are both very important for us to learn.  These will be our Points to Points to Ponder for today.

1. Those that fell on rocky ground are the persons who do not have a deep root.  When trials and temptations come along, they wither, because ther're not receiving moisture or nutrients from their roots.  Their shallow roots don't go far enough in to find food.  This is why it's important to be firmly rooted and planted in God's Word!  Dig your roots in deeply, and learn of Him.  Through God's Word you must cultivate a persomal relationship with Him.

2.  Those that fell on the rocky ground are those who have received God's Word to some degree, but have not allowed it to become rooted in their hearts.  These people may have believed it in their minds, and they may be trying to let it be a part of their life.  But because God's Word is not planted in their hearts, it isn't rooted deeply enough to grow and produce good fruit.  It's very importatn for you to let God plant His Word in the fertile ground of your heart, where it will grow and be fruitful!