Lesson 19 - Ready to Believe

There is a beautiful story of a blind man healed by Jesus in the 9th chapter of the gospel of John. This section is somewhat longer than most of our daily devo readings, but you'll enjoy it!

    Read John 9: 1-38

The self-righteous Pharisee's desperately tried to discredit the testimony of the man who had been born blind. They were not willing to believe. If they acknowledged Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah, they would no longer be in control. They would have to take the lower seat, give up the glory of the people, and admit to their need for forgiveness. Their pride kept them from salvation. They refused to see the truth and believe.

The man born blind didn't need any Pharisee's approval to tell him that he was no longer blind! The self-righteous fools could come up with a million reasons not to believe, but still the man could see! One of the reasons which the Pharisee's saw not to believe was because they didn't know where Jesus came from. The man born blind saw that as a reason to believe! As the healed man pointed out that no one before had ever healed a blind man, the truth was too much for the Pharisee's to bear, and they threw him out.

Notice especially verses 35 to 38. The man born blind still did not even know what Jesus looked like, or who He really was. He only knew that God had touched his life, and he was ready for whatever God had for him. He was ready to believe. When Jesus asked him if he believed in the Son of Man, he had no clue who this person might be. But he responded: "Who is he?... so that I may believe in Him." He was ready to believe - in fact, he already believed - he just didn't have all the answers yet. When Jesus revealed Himself to him, he immediately worshiped Him. He had no need to ask any questions first. His lack of understanding did not change the fact that he believed .

Point to Ponder:

Understanding is not the most important thing to believing in Jesus. The Pharisee's should have had perfect understanding of spiritual things, yet they rejected Him. The man born blind was unschooled - a commoner. His knowledge was very limited, but it did not stop him form believing with all his heart. In the same way, when the Lord begins drawing us by His Holy Spirit, we often do not understand many things. But He will give us all the faith we need to know He is true, if we are ready to believe.