Day 16 - Rejoicing in Heaven

In the 15th chapter of the gospel of Luke, we will look at two stories told by Jesus. Stories like these are called "Parables." Parables are used to illustrate or demonstrate a greater truth, so we are better able to understand it. The greater truth that Jesus teaches is that each one of us alone is of great value to our Father, who takes great joy in the salvation ot a single lost soul.

   Read Luke 15: 1-10

The self-righteous Pharisee's of Jesus' day despised the "sinners" that did not live up to their standards, and did not understand that God loved them, too! Jesus saw these fallen people as lost souls that needed to be rescued, not as trash to be discarded. These sinners were precious to God, and Jesus had come to save them. These people realized how much they needed God's forgiveness and they received it! (The Pharisee's were just as sinful in other ways, and needed God's forgiveness just as much, but they refused to admit it.)

Jesus tells us that each person is so important to God, He comes to find and save each of us individually! We are all precious in His sight, and His love for us is limitless. He takes great joy in the repentance of only one sinner.

Points to Ponder:

If you were the only person on the planet earth, Jesus Christ would have come for you alone. You are that special to God! Each one of His children is so precious to Him that He would have suffered and died for any one of them alone. When you were the one lost sheep, Jesus left ninety-nine, and came for you!

When you turn to God, and ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord, all of heaven rejoices! Even the angels of God are excited! A child of God who was lost has come home forever!