Lesson 12 - The New Testament

It is not unusual to hear stories of disputes and court battles over the last will and testament of someone who has died and left a large estate. Once the rich man dies, and the will is read, many people may question the validity of it. Some may say that the will is a phony; some others may claim that the benefactor was not in his right mind; others may try to re-interpret the language within the will. Sometimes even multiple`wills suddenly surface! Some people  fight to prove their claim to part of the man s estate, even though he purposely didn't leave them anything! The proceedings often end up in court, as attorneys battle for their client's interests. If the dead man were able to come back to defend his judgment and explain exactly what he meant in his will, most of the controversy would be ended very quickly. Unfortunately, the dead man can only communicate his decision before dying. He cannot keep the will from being forged, altered, or misinterpreted after he is gone, and he also cannot defend his judgment or sanity in making the decisions he did. Although someone may have been entitled to a great fortune which the dead man chose for them to receive, there is always a chance that someone will find a way to steal it from them!

Jesus Christ died so that we could inherit many great and precious promises, including forgiveness from sin, and eternal life in glory! But there is someone who is always questioning the last will and testament that names us as heirs in Christ. Satan would love to convince you that you cannot be forgiven, and are not entitled to any inheritance at all - that this New Testament in Jesus Christ does not apply to you! (He can be a very persuasive liar!)  But Jesus Christ has not left us to fend for ourselves He Himself has come back from the dead to mediate the New Testament which was put in force by His death. Satan can't do anything to change it, because the One who enacted the New Testament Himself enforces it today! Jesus is our advocate (attorney) interceding for us to the Father, who justifies us from all sin (finds us not guilty). And Jesus Himself is the sole mediator of His will, the New Testament.

For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus... (1 Timothy 2: 5)

   Read Romans 8: 31-34.

Point to Ponder:

Who can argue with God? If He has made us to be His heirs, who can tell us we are not? Who can stand up to His mighty power? God's children can be completely secure in their inheritance in Christ. If you are a child of God, this inheritance is yours! (We will talk about becoming a child of God in chapter 3.)