Lesson 5 - Walking on Water


In our first day lesson, we saw the power of Jesus over his creation when He commanded the storm and the sea to be still, and immediately it was. Jesus again showed His power over nature in the last part of the chapter we started reading yesterday.

    - Read Matthew 14: 22-26

The disciples were terrified when they first saw Jesus walking on the water. They were naturally frightened at the thought of anything that was not subject to the laws of their reality. At first the disciples thought they were seeing a ghost, and cried out in fear. But once they knew that it was their Master and Friend displaying this awesome power, they had nothing to fear. Peter was so bold as to ask Jesus to prove His power further by letting Peter also walk on the water with Him. Jesus said "Come." That was ail that was necessary - He had told Peter to walk on water, and Peter did.

The problem arose when Peter began to think about the strong wind and the waves. He once again thought about the laws of nature that he was breaking. He realized, "I can't do this - I am just a man!" It was when he doubted the Word that Jesus had spoken, he began to sink. As Jesus caught him, He asked him, "Why did you doubt?" Why believe the laws of nature more than the One who created it?

  Point to Ponder:


We can trust the power of God's Word more than any reality we know. God is reality. This world is not. There will come a day when all of our earthly boundaries are removed, but God's Word forever remains.