Lesson 4 - The Feeding of 5000


The Creator of all the Universe still has power over His creation, and is still able to create. One occasion where Jesus showed this power clearly was in the feeding of five thousand men (and also many women and children) who had followed Jesus out into a solitary place.

    - Read Matthew 14: 13-21

Jesus took only five leaves of bread and two fish, and miraculously multiplied them to feed over five thousand people! When all the people were full, the leftover bread that was collected up again filled twelve baskets!

In verse 16 Jesus said to his disciples, "Give them something to eat.' It may not seem like a significant statement but remember, when the Word of God says something, IT WILL BE ! The Word said "Feed them" and they were fed! It happened just because He said so. This is the same powerful Word that created all things.

Point to Ponder:

This same power is working in our behalf today. We can trust every word that Jesus has spoken, because He is the Word, and He makes it happen! Everything He has promised to us He has spoken into being, and who can stop Him? It is absolutely sure for all eternity.