Lesson 2 - The Word of God


In the beginning of the book of Genesis, when God created all things, He spoke them into being simply by His powerful Word. When He said "Let there be light," there was light. Everything He said instantly became exactly as He commanded it to be.

God is all-powerful. He has the power to do anything He wants to do, and there is no one who can stop Him. He speaks, and it is so. Nothing can withstand the Word of God.

The Word of God is actually a part of God. The Word is a living extension of God the Father Himself. To be very clear - the Word of God is God. Like God the Father, the Word of God is a person. He is everlasting, and He is all-powerful. And by this part of God called The Word, God does everything that He has purposed to do. Everything.

So, Who is this powerful Word of God?   Read John 1: 1-18.

When God humbled Himself in love to become flesh and blood, and live with us here on earth as a man, He did it in the same way that He created us - through The Word. It was the Word of God that actually took on the fleshly body of a man, to demonstrate the love of God toward us. God the Son is The Word. We know Him as Jesus Christ, God in the flesh.

Point to Ponder:

Not only can we trust everything that Jesus said because He spoke the words of God, we can trust Him because He is the all-powerful Word of God!