The Bridge Bunch

Emergency Fundraiser!! Sanctuary Homeless Refuge is fundraising for emergency needs to service the homeless OUR GOAL: $19,500.00

We desperately need a new to us USED vehicle, a refrigerator designed to hold banquet pans and a new USED convection oven to heat banquet pans.

Our current vehicles are both over 320,000 miles and need serious costly repairs. We are down one vehicle as we write this. We have a wonderful opportunity to purchase a used box truck that would make our pickups and distribution much easier. Not to mention more reliable.

Weekly we provide hot meals to the homeless in Nashville. The number of people regularly dining with Sanctuary Homeless Refuge can be upwards of 300 per meal. This increased volume has required we change to comply with health and safety codes. Providing for that many hungry mouths each meal requires an enormous amount of food; all needing to be prepared/heated at the same time. We’ve developed a plan to dedicate 1 refrigerator to hold the weeks banquet pans. We also need an oven that can simultaneously heat the pans and enough pans to rotate from service to service. We’ve been making do with foil pans and traditional oven preparation. But legally, economically, environmentally and for the sake of efficiency we wish to shift fully to the new design.

Every meal we are told how much Sanctuary Homeless Refuge means to people. With the meals we serve and the redistributed food to other ministries we are responsible for over 10,000 meals per month in the Nashville area. This is a big project and we cannot do it without you.

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